Just A Quick Couple Little Things

I got a little overwhelmed with projects last month and was only able to work on one of the four pieces I wanted to do as tag along bits to Month Of Love. Recently I fell in love with working with watercolors on toned drawing paper, and I plan to do a few more of these small 5 x 7 inch pieces once my new supply of paint arrives via mail. And with Spring just around the corner I am hoping to delve back into some mycology pieces once again. 


Leia as Boussh, the bounty hunter. Seriously one of my favorite costumes, even if it's one that has the least screen time. 


Samples of the watercolors on toned drawing paper that I have been really enjoying. Rey and Leia have been shipped off to a charity, but I have held onto Padme for the time being and have plans to post her up for sale, along with a few others later this year. 


Here is a shot of me working on a new piece. I was at our local game shop working on this while my husband played Armada with a friend. This piece should be finished up pretty soon, I just need to get some white gouache to finish her up, since white watercolor doesn't lay down well on the toned paper unless it's in a million layers. 


Lastly, I am really looking forward to getting outside a lot more this year to paint, and maybe take a look for some neat mushrooms to study.