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                Kat has been creating art since she was a child, and her craft has progressed and changed just as much as she has since then. Working in traditional watercolor media, Kat pursues subjects that cover a spectrum of mythologies, and is focused on capturing the feminine in fantasy.
                She grew up in Elgin, Illinois and attended college in Chicago where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the American Academy of Art. As an illustrator, Kat has worked for the game industry, and has also mentored under one of her biggest inspirations, artist Rebecca Leveille Guay, via SmART school.
                Kat currently resides in Fussa, Japan alongside her husband and two Jack Russell terriers. She endeavors to continuously expand her portfolio of heroines, witches, and queens. 
                If you would like to get in touch with the artist, she can be reached at

SmART School Mentorship Program 2018
with Terese Neilsen
SmART School Mentorship Program 2016
                     with Rebecca Leveille-Guay
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree: Illustration 2010
                     American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL

The Sketchbook Project 2018
July 27-29 Toronto, ON
August 3-6 Chicago, IL
September 21-23 Atlanta, GA
Gen Con Jurried Art Show- August 1, 2018
Indianapolis Convention Center, IN
Gen Con Jurried Art Show- August 17, 2017
                 Indianapolis Convention Center, IN
Imaginative Realism 2- October 12, 2016
                 Yellow Springs Brewery- Y.S, OH
Gen Con Jurried Art Show- August 4, 2016
                  Indianapolis Convention Center, IN
A Curious Reality-  February 24, 2016
                 Union St. Gallery- Chicago, IL
Gen Con Jurried Art Show- August 3, 2015
                  Indianapolis Convention Center, IN
Cheesecake Anyone?
A Salute to The American Pin Up- July 18, 2014
                  Arstpace Gallery- Elgin, IL
Pulp Art Exhibition- July 21, 2012
                  Gallery Provocateur- Chicago, IL
The Sparrow Project- 2012
                  Bill L. Parks Gallery- Chicago, IL
TaTa Gala's Digital Arts Exhibition- 2010
                  TaTa Gala Online Gallery
Bachelor of Fine Arts Show: Graduating Class 2010
                  Bill L. Parks Gallery- Chicago, IL


78 Tarot
Chaosium Inc.
Greater Than Games
Herding Cats Press
Alderac Entertainment Group
Prettiest Princess Games
Game Mash
Paradigm Concepts
Cryptic Studios/Hero Games

Spirit Island, Greater Than Games, 2017
Mystic Vale, Alderac Entertainment Group, 2016
In The Beginning, Anthology  Vol.3
                  Herding Cats Press, 2016
Once Upon A Time, Anthology  Vol. 2
                  Herding Cats Press, 2015
Game Mash, 2015
Glamazons vs The Curse of The Chaimail Bikini
                  Prettiest Princess Games, 2015
Surreality: Otherworld, Caleb King,  2014
Surreality: Personality Complex, Caleb King, 2013
Rotted Capes, Paradigm Concepts, 2013
Champions Villains, Hero Games/Cryptic Studios, 2009-2012
                  Vol.1 - Master Villains
                  Vol.2 - Villain Teams
                  Vol.3 - Solo Villains

Best Game Related- Origins Art Show 2015
Best Traditional Fantasy- Origins Art Show 2014